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DVD No 1º Project Presentation and Balance Training

  • Presentation of the author
  • Basis of the World Training Program
  • Ages and parameters in the project
  • Applied motor skills in the project
  • Types of motor skills applied to the project
  • Elements of the Training Program
  • Training dynamics
  • Personalized training plans
  • Athletes who participated in the program
  • Dynamic Balance exercises
  • Static Balance exercises

DVD No 2º Coordination Training

  • Segmented Coordination exercises
  • Dynamic exercises for General Coordination

DVD No 3º Speed Training - Reaction and Movement

  • Reaction Speed exercises
  • Movement Speed exercises

DVD No 4º Speed Training - Displacement and Mixed

  • Reaction Speed exercises (physical and technical)
  • Mixed Speed exercises (physical and technical)

DVD No 5º Resistance-Strength and Explosive-Strength Training

  • Strength-Resistance exercises (physical and technical)
  • Explosive strength exercises (physical and technical)

DVD No 6º Plyometric Strength Training

  • Basic plyometric exercises (physical and technical)
  • Multiple plyometric exercises (physical and technical)

DVD No 7º Aerobic and Anaerobic Resistance Training

  • Aerobic resistance exercises (physical and technical)
  • Anaerobic resistance exercises (physical and technical)

DVD No 8º Resistance Training in Intervals and Repetitions

  • Resistance exercises in intervals (physical and technical)
  • Resistance exercises in repetition (physical and technical)

DVD No 9º Specific to Taekwondo Training – Technical Speed 1

  • Technical-tactical exercises for reaction speed
  • Technical-tactical exercises for movement speed

DVD No 10º Specific to Taekwondo Training – Technical Speed 2

  • Technical-tactical exercises for displacement speed
  • Technical-tactical exercises for mixed

DVD No 11º Specific to Taekwondo Training – Technical Resistance 1

  • Technical-tactical exercises for aerobic resistance
  • Technical-tactical exercises for anaerobic resistance

DVD No 12º Specific to Taekwondo Training – Technical Resistance 2

  • Technical-tactical exercises for speed resistance
  • Technical-tactical exercises for strength resistance

DVD No 13º Specific to Taekwondo Training – Technical Strength 1

  • Technical-tactical exercises for strength-resistance
  • Technical-tactical exercises for explosive strength

DVD No 14º Specific to Taekwondo Training – Technical Strength 2

  • Technical-tactical exercises for plyometric strength
  • Technical-tactical exercises for mixed strength

DVD No 15º Specific to Taekwondo Training – Tactics

  • Tactical exercises for attacking, with elements
  • Tactical exercises for counterattacking, with elements
  • Tactical mixed exercises, with elements

DVD No 16º Taekwondo Circuit Training: Physical-Technical

  • Physical coordination circuits (physical and mixed)
  • Physical speed circuits (physical and mixed)
  • Physical resistance circuits (physical and mixed)
  • Physical strength circuits (physical and mixed)
  • Mixed circuits (physical)

DVD No 17º Taekwondo Circuit Training: Technical-Tactical

  • Technical speed circuits (technical and tactical)
  • Anaerobic technical resistance circuits (technical and tactical)
  • Plyometric technical strength circuits (technical and physical)
  • Mixed technical circuits (physical, technical and tactical)
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